Kelly Vineyard

Kelly Vineyard serves on the core leader team for Meizon Mission. She’s a mom to 2 school-aged boys, wife to Mort, has a PhD in Animal Science, and her first love was a horse. She’s an Enneagram Type 1 and prefers the title “Reformer” over “Perfectionist”. Kelly wholeheartedly believes that God’s love is accessible to anyone and everyone, no matter their ethnic background, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or sexual identity. Her pet peeve is when people try to make God’s love seem complicated. Kelly grew up in the Bible Belt of the South, and many of the fundamentalist beliefs she was surrounded by never set quite right with her. It took her many years to untangle the good parts from the bad, and now she enjoys exploring the depths of God’s love on her own terms. Kelly’s interests include horseback riding, boating with her family, learning about the Enneagram, and making cocktails. If she could meet one famous person, she’d choose to meet Dolly Parton because she is an all-around extraordinary human being who is a living role model for honesty, kindness, generosity, and creativity.