Miranda West – Administrative Assistant / Core Leader

Administration is a gifting for Miranda and she loves a good spreadsheet. Miranda has been married for 15 years to Scott West. She homeschools their two children. A middle school math teacher before being a stay at home mom, she loves connecting people with each other and solving problems. Miranda enjoys tutoring students in math, puzzles, and sewing. The whole family enjoys participating in the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire Chessboard.

Favorite Quote: “Negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4ac all over two a” – it’s the quadratic equation. I love that it can tell us so much about an equation.

Favorite Movie: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, cartoon version

If you could meet one famous person (other than Jesus or Bible characters) who would it be and why? “I would like to meet Mayim Bialik. In addition to her becoming a host for Jeopardy! I admire that she is both a neuroscientist and also so willing to be open, honest, and kind. I think we need more people like her. “